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jennifer tori

I've been an artist ever since I can remember, it all started with drawing with chalk and oil pastels at my grandmother and grandfather's house on Fridays when both my parents were at work.  I'm driven by art and always knew deep down that I would have to pursue the life of an artist.

At the age of 16 my father suggested I try his 35mm film camera and take an intro to photography class at the community college.  I learned not only how to operate a camera, but also how to see.  Photography is completely about seeing and feeling.  Being able to see light and how it touches everything is the greatest gift I've been given.

Not long after I graduated high school, I was introduced to my greatest mentor... Jessica Lewis.  She was just finishing her photography education and starting her own business as a fine art wedding photographer.  We spent hours together as I watched her edit.  One day, she asked me to shoot a wedding with her, and that continued for nearly 10 years.  During that time we became the best of friends until her unfortunate and untimely passing.  I strive to continue to use everything she has taught me so that I can help her legacy live on.

J.Tori Photography has been named one of the best senior portrait photography studios in the country as well as "Best of Ventura County: Photographer" by the readers of the Ventura County Star.